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Valuable Tips for Your Upcoming IAS Examination – Set Your Career on Fire

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is one of the most prestigious career for a job-seeker which is practically incomparable with other jobs. Once you cleared the examination, you the boss of yourself and also a jewel in the society. Everyone will treat you with honor which itself is a brilliant feeling.

If you are really serious about your career in and as an IAS, then below are some motivational tips given for you. Try to read the entire article carefully, think about how to be passionate about the dream job and then go for the run.

Be Smart Enough While Initiating the Process:

There is a myth that narrates – once you study hard, you will get the taste of success, but it’s not always about studying with hard labor. It’s all about how smartly you are planning your upcoming IAS exam preparation and process it. It’s a clear advise that you study 10-12 hours a day, on a regular basis with lots of books as references, make the correct subject selection, mix your notes and books, make short notes, learn how to manage your time efficiently. Also go through the mock test as much as you can. There are a lot of online practice and test portals you can find, where you easily appear to test how much you have learned and how you manage your time efficiently.

IAS Exam Preperation Tips

Early Start is The Smart Start:

Once you decide that you will prepare yourself for IAS entrance, you need to start studying without wasting a further minute. Because, it’s not easy to make up the subject in short time as the syllabus is really vast. You need to cover up every subject in detail if you really want to appear for the exam. You need to look for previous years question patterns, searching the web for huge amount of references, learn thoroughly about History, Economy, Polity, etc and getting the best books for the same.

Follow The Strict Routine:

To clear IAS entrance successfully, you need to follow a regular basis intensive study routine for a long period of time to cover the entire syllabus within the stipulated time. If you really follw the routine chart on a daily-basis, it will really help you to develop a concentrated approach for the most scoring parts of IAS Prelims and then Mains.

Pick One Subject at a Time:

Don’t mess subjects at a time. It will really put a huge pressure on your brain and make your life too difficult and with lot of passing fears. It’s a wise advise that you prepare one subject at a time and distribute the plan accordingly. It will definitely increase your confidence and help you to cover up the syllabus systematically. If you take more than one subject at a time, you will put yourself in confusion, lower output and lack of concentration. Also be selective about choosing your books, don’t be too curious about many books. Rather, select them properly.

Periodical Mock Test:

You need to evaluate how much you have learned till date by appearing in periodical mock tests every 15 days-a-month. Could you remember the school days when you appeared for unit test twice a month? You need to bring back those days again and prepare yourself just like a student with same sincerity and agility. Otherwise, your time will be in waste.

Find the Scoring Zone:
As i discussed above already, smart work is much more fruitful than the hard work. When you are preparing yourself for high-stature exams like this, you need to work out on quick scoring zone because it’s not always possible to be strong enough in every part of the subject. Rather, you need to find which parts are giving you high score with ease. In IAS Prelims, there are some definite easy scoring zones like this. E.g. Questions coming from the ‘Maps’ section.

Short Notes:

Taking short notes of the subjects like GK, general awareness, and other topics. It’s very essential way to study smartly and revise quickly.

Read Again and Again:

There is no mantra of success except reading a lot of books. You really need to read a lot and remember every bit of it if you want to see the success. You need to read a lot of references including NCERT text books and good supplementary books for IAS available, reading newspapers, the latest economic survey and more.

Proper Training and Guidance:

While you are studying for exams like IAS, you must take the assistance of successful candidates or proper coaches. Remember, choosing the right coaching center is itself very typical job and there is every possibility that you might be mistreated and deceived by the false institute. So research well about the institute before joining. To know which books to read, coaching to join and what strategy to adopt for IAS preparation, IAS toppers, fellow aspirants and those who have reached the interview stage should be approached to.

Be Confident, Go For The Gun:

The main thing about success in IAS that you are ultra confident about it on the very first day you decide that you will appear for this dream exam. Every time you feel that you are the perfect candidate who could crack the entrance even at the first chance. This will help you to boost your confidence to a great extent. Always pray to the almighty for your career success.

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