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Useful Tips for Your Upcoming GATE Examination – Be Mindful

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is a top entrance to the technological stream for all the engineers all over by India, conducted by Indian Institute of Science and Indian Institutes of Technology usually in the months of February and March. The exam proceeds through online application and students are instructed to prepare for more than six months for the examination.

GATE Entrance Tips

The GATE score is always calculated on the basis of percentile formula. The qualifying marks for every year is decided by the GATE committee.

Validity of the GATE score is just two years from the date. If you are really looking to crack the GATE entrance, then you need to prepare yourself first with the attitude of heavy-study face-off. You need to go through extensive preparation, voracious reading and practicing before appearing for the exam. Otherwise, it’s really impossible for you to crack the entrance by any means.

GATE is actually an all India based examination, which tests the students’ understanding of various subjects in Engineering and Technology. National Coordination Board GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India by the Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore, and seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) are involved with this whole process of entrance test. Just imagine how tough and competitive it’s in reality. The sole motto of GATE committee is to test how qualitative the students are and evaluating their merits to go for the higher studies in premium institutes of India. Also the GATE score has high value to fetch you quality job in the stiff competitive job market, especially in the public sector units and also to apply for government-aided fellowship programs.

Eligibility Criteria:
Engineering students aiming to study higher for their Masters degree in premier institutes like IIT, NIT IISC, or those opting to apply for a PhD in India and abroad.

Students with science and technology background and willing to secure their career in government undertakings.


GATE is a complete freedom for those who are really deserving candidates. It’s free from your so called previous academic performance. A student with good career is also can take the challenge and handle it successfully.

Exam Preparation Tips for GATE:

Mental Stability:
Once you decide to prepare for GATE, you take the challenge purely on mental basis, means, it’s required to consider yourself as a winner. Always feel like the winner and move with ultra confidence. Think that you surely have the magic within yourself to crack the entrance with one chance. This will boost your confidence for the achievement.

Understanding the Entrance:
Once you are mentally stable and ready for the go, it’s now your responsibility to understand the entrance pattern properly. You need to realize what the exam is all about, the syllabus, the eligibility criteria, if some new subjects are introduced in the new year or not. Try to find out all the things involved.

Focus on the syllabus:
You need to study the syllabus first and understand it well. Decide which subjects you need to prepare well and which parts in you need to focus. Discuss with students who are also taking the GATE seriously, go to the peer group for discussing the syllabus and take the help from the seniors who have already cracked the entrance in past. You also need to go for suitable coaching center, take the proper lesson from there and collect perfect study materials for your help. Also research online for quality study materials.

Make a daily routine and follow it:
Proper and regular study is what you need to success in GATE entrance test. Once you decide yourself that you will appear for the exam, you put yourself on the challenge and compete with yourself daily to kick start your urge of success. Make a regular timetable for your study and follow it seriously. Don’t be aimless, otherwise your lifetime wish will never be fulfilled. It is usually recommended that you finish preparation of the course 45 days before the exam. The extra days on your hand should be used for revision and solving question papers. Your routine should cover every chapter on your syllabus, because you can’t afford missing even a single chapter from your preparation.

Clear conception:
Once you pick the subjects and are ready for the go, you need to clear the conception in your mind. The questions are not conventional, rather it should be based on your clear conception and understanding of the subjects. The clearer the conception, more confident you are about your chance of getting success.

Note Preparation:
As you are preparing hard for your entrance, you make sure that you take note of important things you come across during studying. It will help you to focus on the particular subjects during the revision before the exam. Also try to look for the past year’s question papers and try to solve them It will help you to boost your confidence at higher level. Though from 2014 onward, the whole exam is taken online, yet solving the previous years questions would certainly help you to take yourself forward.

Appear for Mock Test:
Try to appear in mock test as much as you can. Once you search online, you will come across various sites which conduct mock test. Try to give the test as much as possible. You will get definite idea about the question patterns. You can get many books, CDs which helps your purpose. You will be sure about your strong and weak zone.

Segregate the syllabus properly:
You need to segregate the syllabus in two parts: high scoring and low scoring zone. Focus on the quick scoring area first and be sure that you will give correct answers to each questions from this zone. Once you are fully confident about this particular area, now come down to the low scoring area and prepare hard.

Finally, you need to make you in confinement if you really dreaming to crack the entrance. You need to cut your pass time significantly like watching TV, clubbing, hanging around your friends watching movies and playing games indoor or outdoor etc. You also need to be sincere about the exam, always think about it and plan every minute of your study.

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