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Important Tips for Your Upcoming CAT Examination – Be Optimistic

CAT or Common Admission Test is one of the premier entrance examination conducted by prestigious IIMs all over India. Brilliant students who are looking for their ignominious career, appear for this high-voltage test to make them in the queue for the education in reputed IIM. Over the year, the pattern of the exam has been changed a lot. But the well blended strategy, planning and implementation always helps in scoring high for the students.

CAT Admission Guide

Below are some inspirational and motivational tips shared to inspire the students who are already preparing hard for the dream entrance:

Tips 1: Everyone knows that the syllabus is a robust one. It’s not easy to master every chapter with equal intensity. Rather, students are advised to pick their comfort zone carefully and select which are the scoring parts and focus on them properly. Even when they appear for the exam, before start answering them, students should read the whole question paper at-least for 5 minutes quietly before opt to writing. Reading the exam paper well and selecting the sections they are comfortable with, will ease the pressure of selecting the right area. This strategy will definitely help them to handle the question paper efficiently.

Tips 2: Once a candidate decides to appear for the CAT entrance exam, he/she would start early preparation. It helps them to cover all the chapters with equal importance and build their confidence up. Also once you get more time to prepare for the entrance, you could easily develop the extra reading habits and build your vocabulary strongly.

Tips 3: There is no alternative of practicing hard and tactically. Even if you able to collect previous year’s question papers and try them solving, your idea about the question patterns and marks distribution will be quite cleared. Also it will help them to focus on the particular zone where they are till tilting a bit.

Tips 4: You need to follow many competitive exam books available in the market for CAT aspirants to master the art of solving aptitude questions in quick time. For that, you need to learn the tricks and shortcut methods of solving them quickly. It’s not easy to get the taste of success without knowing the tricks properly. You will come across a lot of equations during the exam time, and you have to find the way to solve them with ease and smartly. There are a lot of study materials available online which you can use as your important reference.

Tips 5: Mock test is one of the best solution to test how much you have learned before appearing for the final round of exam. You need to appear for mock test bi-weekly to test your progress quotient. It will tell you which is your strong zone and which is the weak one and you could focus on them. This is the strategic way to prepare for this vast entrance and to compete with the bunch of brilliant students.

Tips 6: While you are preparing for your CAT entrance, you always should focus on clearing your basic concepts. Once you are confident enough about clearing it, you are an ultra confident about the upcoming success. Most of the B-schools seek to test how the candidates have cleared their basic concepts about the chapters. So, focus on this, rather than focusing on the harder chapters.

Tips 7: Negative marking is very important part of the CAT entrance test. This tricks applied by the exam councils to test the confidence of the candidates. If you are not 100% sure about the answer, try to avoid it. Only give the answer of those questions, which you are completely sure about. A candidate successfully crack the entrance by answering few questions correctly, rather than answering more wrongly. More wrong answer means more negative marking. So, try to avoid it.

Tips 8: It’s another important thing about the preparation for the entrance is to learn how to manage your time efficiently. Because, time management is very important for this type of crucial test. You don’t need to answer all the questions, but try to answer those you are confident enough within the stipulated time. If you learn the art of managing time efficiently, your job is half done already. Try to focus on increasing your speed and accuracy. It will boost your confidence as well. Your decision making ability should be to the point and correct.

Tips 9: Success only lies on studying hard. If you have already decided to appear for the CAT entrance, then start reading at-least 10 hours everyday. There is no success in shortcut, except hard labor. So, prepare like a serious student and be involved with the process. You need to gather a vast knowledge in vocabulary, read newspapers, watch TV news channels for current events and awareness programs and be up-to-date about everything.

Tips 10: Finally, the candidates are advised to take regular yoga classes to enhance the brain-power, increasing the IQ, enhancing their peace of mind and calmness. It will also boost up their concentration level and help them to focus on their study perfectly. Be serious about the entrance, keep your admit card ready and keep all the accessories like pen, pencil ready with you on the exam-day.

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