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HR Interview Tips For Freshers – Part II

The previous article covers the tips for 10 most frequently asked question during human resource round for freshers recruitment. Now the part II covers another top 10 tips below.

What motivates you to do good jobs?

This question is asked to test your self-motivation level to work in any given circumstances. It tests your professional attire and how serious you are as an employee. How much you are willing to to better for the project and your career and how far you moves on – are also tested.

What makes you angry?

Be enough honest with your answer. Anger is a common instinct of humanity but it’s also self-destructive as well. Be vibrant to answer about your anger control metrics which is tested by the interviewer during the interview. Tell them how you can easily control any angry situation if arise and how well you overcome your ego-tussle with colleagues to achieve the ultimate project goal.

Give me an example of your creativity.

Creativity is an unique constraint you are having with your own instinct. If you think you are creative enough, then try to answer them to impress the interviewer. Remember, not everyone is creative. It’s a talent certain people have to showcase their work in the most brilliant fashion, which identified as uniqueness in nature.

Great Interview Tips

How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

This question is asked to test your overall patience in any kind of situation comes by your way during your tenure with the company. Try to impress them with your answer by saying that you are looking to move forward with your skills and try to improve yourself as a professional. Say them that you plan your career for the long term with the company to secure your job and to learn in ever changing atmosphere. Your answer will help you to be hired for the desired position.

Are not you overqualified for this position?

Don’t say “Yes”, otherwise it will go against you. If you are confident enough about the job role and think that you really know much more than others, then try to say it in polite worlds and prove that you are really fit for the job. Don’t even try to impress the interviewer with your overconfident attitude. It will bring anger out of the interviewer.

Describe your ideal company, location and job.

Tell them the actual infrastructure you are comfortable to work with. It should be the ideal job position, quality projects, ability to learn more, developing your own skills, expressing your views, freedom to express your opinion, feeling job satisfaction/contentment etc. Your preferred location should be mentioned clearly, tell them if you are willing to relocate for betterment of your career.

What are your career options right now?

Positively tell that you now want to explore yourself with your technical and communication skills. Always express your will power to learn new things and your motivation to work in difficult and challenging position.

Explain how would be an asset to this organization?

Express your kindness about the job and tell how much you give importance to the loyalty of an employee towards the organization he/she works for. How good you are a team player and how beautifully you could handle the team spirit should also another way of your expression. You will be judged by the answer you give. So, be careful and honest to answer this type of questions.

What are your outside interests?

Here you can say about you hobbies and extracurricular activities. Company always try to recruit employees with extra talent to showcase for the organizational activities. So, if you have something in you, then let them know about it.

Would you lie for the company?

This question is asked to test your instant decision making capabilities. Your answer would tell them what mental state you are actually having. Always try to answer from company’s perspective. If you see a certain lie would bring huge profit for the organization, so tell the lie in most logical way.

                                                                                                                       (To be continued in part III…..)

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