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Five Potential Figures that must Seduce your Brain

Figures could sometime make your brain dizzy when there are hidden some potential interest of solving mystery within. Not all figures you see at your daily life make you look with particular interest or induce you to think in-depth, but some definitely do the tricks for you.

Here in the below section, five such different types of interesting figures are given (with potential solutions for each of them), which will obviously test your merit as well as your aptitude skill.

“Think simply and think logically”.

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Figure – 1:

In the below figure, you are given 3 different image series in 3 rows with a number inside every separate image of each series. You need to say which particular number in every series is odd-one-out:

Odd Number Out



11 – 1st row (odd number), 18 – 2nd row (odd number), 16 3rd row (even number).


Figure – 2:

In the below figure, one particular number is different from others in every square. Say the different number in each square:

Odd Number in Each Square



1st square (17)[not multiple of 2], 2nd square (22)[not multiple of 5], 3rd square (22)[+4 sequence mismatched], 4th square (16)[only odd number]


Figure 3:

In the figure below, there are 8 similar type of + sign shapes given where 2 numbers are missing in each box of the shape. The top numbers are the products and the bottom is the sum of the missing numbers in each shape. You need to find out those numbers:

Missing Number in Square



Shape 1 (6, 6), Shape 2 (6, 8), Shape 3 (3, 5), Shape 4 (7, 2), Shape 5 (4, 20), Shape 6 (24, 8), Shape 7 (4, 13), Shape 8 (13, 7)


Figure 4:

In the below figure, you are given few different symbols in a big square with 4 different rows in a proper pattern. You have to find out the value for each symbol keeping in mind that the sum in each row and column given remains equal.

Magic of Sum



Circle = 3. Star = 5, Triangle = 4


Figure 5:

In the below figure, you have blank circles in ‘Z’ and ‘V’ shape. Take 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to fill in the blank space in such a pattern that the sum is equal to ‘7’ is ‘Z’ shape and ‘10’ in ‘V’ shape:

Z to V Shape Puzzle



3——-4———1———2———5 in the ‘Z’ shape, 1——-4——-5——-3——-2 in the ‘V’ shape.


I must hope that the above figures have something crazy factors within them to diverse your attention. Read each of them carefully, think simply and try to find the solution yourself. No one above is tough, you just need to apply your common aptitude skill to find the answer quickly.

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