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Countdown Begins – So Let’s Plunge in the Euro Cup 2016 Craze!

The most awaited Soccer championship of 2016 is around the corner. The summer could never be any better. So with all geared up enthusiasm and thrill let’s check out what awaits in the Eurozone.

Football tournament? No! Way bigger than that….

UEFA European Championship commonly referred as the UEFA Euro Championship is one of the most prestigious men’s Football Tournament of the world. This tournament is held at an interval of every 4 years and the time of cheers have arrived again this year. This is the 15th edition and the team that wins this series fetches the chance to compete at the FIFA Confederations Cup which is to be hosted in Russia in the year 2017.

Few very interesting Euro 2016 facts are shared in the following inforgraphic:

Euro 2016 Stats

Venue and Time- This year’s event series is taking place in France and the best part it starts from 10th June so all anticipated hearts out there may start the count down.

Format: The New Bee – This championship had the format that 16 teams contesting from different countries. Since 1996 it will be the first time in 46 years that the format of 16 teams has been changed to a 24 Team format. The excitement will be on an entirely different plane because of this new format which means that this summer’s football edition will most probably be the biggest edition of the tournament that has ever been contested. Isn’t that exciting?

Deck ups before the big event – This year’s event of 51 matches will be contested in a multifarious bunch of 10 different venues in France. These feature an exciting culmination of old fashioned steep stand and solar panels that are eco-friendly. The architects who have designed Beijing’s famous Bird Nest Stadium has brought us Bordeaux’s new stadium. The audiences are assured to have an amazing experience here as 5 matches will be held in this stadium.

A Subtle Contention: France Stadium at risk? – Around every big event there will be an interference of controversy. This has probably become a norm by now. Without a little controversy may be no event completes its successful venture and 2016 Euro championship is ‘the’ event of this summer. Did you know?

2013 Paris attack has seeded a sense of panic and as known the Stade de France the national stadium of France was targeted. So a question regarding the tourists and the players’ safety and security issues are at a stake though the President of the French Football Team has assured safety it still remains as a primal concern for the State as well as the Federation.

Safety Alert Folks!

The Logo and the Slogan – The logo is based on the theme “Celebrating the art of football” illustrating Henri Delauney trophy and featuring all the colours of the French flag with football elements imprinted on the surroundings.

The official slogan is Le Rendez-Vous, and the chairman of the Euro cup 2016 committee, Jacques Lambert explained that this football tournament is not just an event its far more, its “an invitation to meet up and share the emotions of an elite-level tournament.”

The Fun is soon to Begin- So all sports lovers’ and football lovers the time has come to rejoice in the rendezvous with Eurocup 2016 starting form 10 June! Not even a week left…..

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