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Argentina’s Path to Copa 2016 Finals – Dream is Yet to be Touched

Argentina in-spite of being one of the strongest of teams couldn’t manage to break into the winning spree of any international tournament at the senior level since the year 1993. Argentina throughout the series, and majorly for the reason of their last win, presumably a decade back it seems, incorporated an entirely different degree of seriousness in this year’s Copa America 2016.

Copa Final 2016

Having the 29 year old star player Lionel Messi in the team the question of Argentina not having won for a huge span of 23 years was a major setback when performance was taken into account. In-fact last year’s Copa witnessed something interesting, the fans had nick named Messi the “Atomic Flea” and in spite of the hype and Argentina proceeding to the final, on the grounds of penalty their losing at the verge against Chile was simply a bog down for the massive crowd and fans present.

After the stupendous soccer anticipation of about 90 minutes, when Argentina was finally defeated by Chile last year, Argentina’s moral went down to lowest degrees. Chile won by 4 goals against Argentina with just 1 goal. From that stature this year’s Copa and the rematch was never a cakewalk. Turning the tables this time Chile started off with scoring just 1 goal against Argentina’s 2 making it a tough competition for both the teams.

If the following Goal Statistics of Argentina is to be considered, then a consistent graph shall be noticed establishing their steady winning line this time.

Match Stats:

  • Argentina won by 1 goal against Honduras with 0 goal,
  • In the second match Argentina won by 2 goal against Chile with 1 goal.
  • In the third match Argentina won by an outstanding 5 goal against Panama with 0 goal

The match with Panama witnesses few great shots. Messi’s entry in the 61st minute was a spur act over Panama not to mention the hat-trick that Messi notched in the 87th minute was a sheer stroke that sphere headed Argentina closest to the Victory Trophy.

  • In the fourth match Argentina won by an outstanding 3 goal against Bolivia with 0 goal
  • In the fifth match Argentina won by an outstanding 4 goal against Venezuela with 1 goal
  • In the sixth match Argentina won by an outstanding 4 goal against USA with 0 goal

Beating the USA and surpassing Batistuta’s 54th goal with his 55th free kick, Lionel Messi in this year’s Copa America 2016 made an indeed record breaking goal, up the Finals. Argentina’s final entry to the almost finishing line. A lot of anticipation buzzed up keeping Argentina and its potential to end the drought in the focus.

This leading goal of Messi fixed Argentina on promising grounds for the finale of the tournament in opposition to Chile in the Copa Finals at the Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium and surely firmed the hopes of the mass.

Having an amazing Squad, team Argentina has showed of their real zeal in the Copa America 2016. Argentina has again failed in the big stage and their trophy drought is continued. To reach to the final stage once again, the road they went through to the final was no less glorious and challenging. This could have been a victory that counts a lot making a mark with their 15th win, an achievement that was much awaited – but the almighty has some other things to be written on the wall.

Thanks you so much for going through the article and being emotional with Argentina’s road to Copa Final..

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