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10 Interesting Riddles that Must Tease and Please Your Minds

Riddle is an interesting topic where you are given some interesting photos or stripe of questions with it’s logic beautifully hidden within the object. This is definitely a great way to work over your observation power, mental skill and thinking abilities.

Below given 10 riddles with exemplary solutions, but try your own hand on it before seeing the solution. Surely these are going to check your analytical process.

Q1. What particular word will suite each four section of the following image?

Fall Riddle



“Fall”. The season (top-left), waterfall (top-right), rain fall (bottom-left), and the fall of the statue.

Q2. How can you flip the shape upside down by moving only two of the sticks?

Sticks Riddle



Move the bottom two sticks in the same order in opposite direction (horizontally and vertically in same direction)

Q3. In the below diagram, you have to connect all the 9 dots using 4 straight lines or less without lifting the pencil or tracing the same line more than once.

Dot in Straight Line



Just draw the lines extending past the dots and their are many solutions. Here is one of them. This riddle is the reason for the phrase “thinking outside of the box.”

Q4. Who am I?

I can be flipped and broken but I never move. I can be closed and opened and sometimes removed. I am sealed by hands. What am I?



I am ‘Deal’

Q5. In the below diagram, there are black and white squares are given within a image in a serial order.You need to tell how many of them each are there?

Square Riddle



32 each square (black and white)

Now try to put your brain in the confused zone, wave the gray matter, tease your eyesight, challenge your concentration to find the right answer.

About Puzzleduniya

I am a quiz, puzzle lover, who always intended to post different type of study materials, which will help the all the competitive job seekers all around the world.

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